Langeloo is a new company in sweden. After emigration to sweden, Langeloo will be engaged in the following business.

The continuation of the dutch company in exceptional transport. We take care of the complete transport, from arranging exemptions to transport escorts in Europe. Focusing now on Scandinavia.

You can follow this on www.facebook.com/langelootransportbegeleiding.

Furthermore elektrik-vinsch.eu is going to deal with selling electric winches.

These are the well-known brands Novawinch, Warn and Ramsey. The range consists of small winches that you can operate with a drill to hydraulic winches of 10000 kg and everything in between.

You can follow this on Www.facebook.com/elektriskvinsch. The website and webshop are still under development. You can already look at the webshop on this page.

Furthermore, Jarntra.se will be engaged in designing and creating artistic projects in steel and wood. The focus will be on creating sculptures and special projects in steel. There will also be work with wood. You can think of objects fabricated on a wood lathe. Before I can show more of this I want to have created some things.

You can follow this on www.facebook.com/jarntra. This is also where the website is under development.

If you have any questions about the opportunities I have to offer, please email me at info@langeloo.com or leave a message on one of the facebook pages.

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